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From Prototype to Existing Service

Prototype image on the left, shipped version on the right

Prototype image on the left, shipped version on the right

During my time with the NYC Mayor’s Office, I worked on Growing Up NYC. I helped expand it from a service for parents of small children to a service for young adults. In order to make this happen I talked with and co-designed with young people ages 15-24+. I learned about their perspectives on finances, mental health and exploring what NYC has to offer. One piece of the expansion that I am particularly proud of is a piece that I designed and built in our Invison prototype and testing sessions is Inspirations. After gathering feedback from previous research sessions and doing debrief gatherings where our team mapped themes and patterns, we started mapping how these items might look as resources that could live in the design system of Growing Up NYC.

Inspirations highlights various paths that a young person might take. I created it because the people we talked to mentioned that they would like to hear stories and advice from their peers. In the prototype, I created a few different stories to share. During our testing sessions, I enjoyed hearing the feedback of our workshop participants and learning what resounded with them.

While relaying research findings and sharing a content strategy draft with Growing Up NYC product manager, I mentioned that a peer should nominate another peer to share. While I am not sure if the peer nomination system has been implemented, I am happy to see that Inspirations exists as a resource within Growing Up NYC and to see some of the youth I talked to featured!

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