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My Lettering Project - Thank You Cards

For my thank you card project, my lettering process began on paper. Eventually my process led to digital and print. I started with sketches in my sketchbook. With these ideas in mine, I continued to play with ideas on the Paper mobile app. The style I decided on was influenced by my love of tangrams and papercut artwork. Once, I worked out my style, I imported my work into Illustrator to make vectors out of it.

After converting the image to vectors, I created a template in InDesign and then placed my work into the template. Once that was complete, I printed my work and trimmed it. As a final touch, I decided to apply embossing powder to the letters to give it texture.

In addition to making the cards, I also made the envelopes. I used a paper cutter and a handy envelope making tool to transform cardstock into sturdy post ready envelopes.

I had fun making this project :D