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Meet Alisha!

 photo by Jacob Waites

 photo by Jacob Waites

Hi, I'm Alisha! I'm a New York based designer who uses the power of story to create meaningful products, services, and experiences.

I care about creating and expanding opportunities for growth and understanding.

I am passionate about human-centered design, innovation, and social impact. I don't make for the sake of making. I make to learn and learn in order to make.

I enjoy green spaces, exploring cities, crafting, languages, drawing, photography, cycling, climbing, longboarding, cooking, loose leaf tea, and an occasional cup of coffee.


Clients :

NYC Mayor's Office of Opportunity
Design for America
Marx | betaworks
McKinsey & Company
Tapestry | betaworks
+ more

Services :

User Experience Design
Service Design
Visual Design
Product Design
Graphic Design